We are a multi-boutique firm that encompasses deal structuring, deal vetting, advisory services, strategic development and venture execution. We act as an intermediary between our licensed financial partners and clients from the private and public sectors.

Our financial partners include Pension Trusts, Investment Banks and Private Equity firms. We also engage private clients seeking alternative investment opportunities.


Investment &
Capital matching

Matching of pipeline projects to investor risk appetites.

HydeFort is an advocate of venture operations within the emerging markets of Sub-Saharan Africa and facilitates due diligence on potential partnerships.

Strategy Advisory
& Execution

Our services cut across all industries and we specialise in bespoke research, market entry and sustainability strategy, partner sourcing, feasibility studies and proposal drafting.


Active monitoring of the business climate in Ghana from the perspective of a local knowledgeable partner. We formulate project plans and support execution on our clients’ behalf.