FactBase (GH) Ltd. is an Advisory and Strategic Information provider. Our services cut across all industries and we specialise in bespoke research, market entry and sustainability strategy, partner sourcing, feasibility studies and proposal drafting. Our focus is on business development into and within Ghana, and business transformations for foreign companies and Ghanaian institutions.

Our Vision:

  • “To become a global reference for sound business fundamentals, accurate commercial data and strategic advancement”

Our Objectives:

  • Provide clients with accurate information and local knowledge regarding Ghana
  • Assist clients with strategic building blocks for development or transformation in the Ghanaian market
  • Source partners as well as clients for Omni-business growth

Our Values:

  • Factual: we are committed to integrity in all interactions
  • Business: we believe commerce is the backbone of economic welfare
  • Fundamentals: ethics, principles and sound information is the only foundation to build on


  • Project/ Deal advisory: Proposal & contract reviews, sustainability reports, partner sourcing, commercial viability forecasting
  • Business Management Advisory: for start-ups, review of enterprises and departmental development
  • Strategic advisory: Corporate vision conversion to medium and long term strategies, short term tactics and realistic objectives.


  • Project Management-Commercial oversight and tolerance level monitoring, upholding of service level agreements and deadlines.
  • Proposal and contract reviews for sustainability
  • Multi-vendor monitoring and contract accountability
  • Embedding of Reporting Tools for dashboards or performance management

Communication Conduit

  • Internal and External verbal and written communication
  • Investor & Client relation updates
  • Thought Leadership facilitation
  • Public and Private sector communique
  • Business editorial services

Insight & Analytics

  • Primary and secondary data sourcing
  • Quantitative and Qualitative business analysis
  • Holistic dashboards and performance management
  • Bespoke research across all sectors
  • Competitor Analysis

Strategy & Execution

  • Strategic Roadmaps
  • Tactical alignment to corporate vision
  • Business Project Management

Business Essentials

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Proposal drafting and reviews
  • Ghana country profile and risks
  • Sectorial Insight papers
  • Business Plans and Marketing Plans
  • MOUs
  • Agreement drafting-Distribution, JVs, Non-Disclosure, Partnerships and Service Level agreements.