• Project/ Deal advisory: Proposal & contract reviews, due diligence reports, partner sourcing, commercial viability forecasting and value agreements
  • Strategic advisory: Corporate vision conversion to medium and long term strategies, short term tactics and realistic objectives
  • Business Development: roadmaps and partner sourcing for investment management
  • Investment Management: Sourcing the right investments for clients and channeling capital to the rightful deal


  • Strategic advisory: Target operational models, transformation and organisational restructuring
  • Bespoke Research and Reports provider across all industries
  • Business Management Advisory: for start-ups, review of enterprises and departmental development
  • Investor & Client relation updates
  • Thought Leadership facilitation
  • Public and Private sector communique
  • Business editorial services
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  • Venture Management- Partnership oversight and local authorisation, upholding of service level agreements with all venture participants.
  • Due diligence of existing and proposed partners and deals
  • Multi-vendor monitoring and contract accountability
  • Company registration, bank account setup and local authorisation of services and products
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